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MAY 2019

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Wow what a couple of busy months! From Miami to Australia, with a quick detour via Europe thrown in. I even had time to play in San Francisco for our annual Burning Man fundraiser. See the video here.
I rounded up March with my usual trip to Miami to play the Resistance Island, always a massive honour to be part of this musical jugernaught. As you will have read by now there were some logistical problems with this years Resistance shows and it looks like theres exciting news coming from the Ultra camp regarding next years location…stay tuned to find out where we will be in 2020!
See my set rocking the Carl Cox mega structure HERE

After playing at  20 of the 25 years of Timewarp in Germany, it was finally time to bow out, so the 26th May saw me playing my last set there, 25 years now of this incredible party, maybe you’ll see me at a Timewarp elsewhere sometime…who knows? If you missed this years event check out the full set HERE
or my Space/One World Radio takeover is now available for a listen too.

After Timewarp I headed back to Australia for a short Pure tour with my good friend’s Eric Powell and Richie McNeill. Been clocking up the miles this month! The Italian crew were out in force and we enjoyed plenty of laughs with Marco, Joseph and Enrico.
Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Christchurch and Melbourne you were amazing
We definitely know how to party hard down-under.
More Pure parties are on the horizon, check my up and coming gigs to see where!


The middle of May we hit Singapore and the newly opened Marquee club…it was my first time at this venue, loved it! Thanks to everyone that came and brought such amazing energy!

May also saw us hitting Bali for another Mobile disco @ULU Cliff house, sun, sea and some shiny soul and funk. Oh yes! Oh yes! More of these coming up after the summer.


We closed May with an absolute stonker, Space @Steelyard London, with Creamfields. You all know how determined I am to keep the mighty Space Ibiza still on the dance music map and this show really took the essence of what Space represented and pushed it to another level.


Coming into May has given me a few well deserved weekends off, and of course I’ve been out on the racetrack, the Coxy Capri got off to a bad start @The 400 Thunder Australian drag racing series, sadly we were rained off on Friday then struggled with grip on Saturday. Fortunately we bounced straight over to the incredible Motor Ex show in Melbourne, it was amazing to unveil the brand new Proline Mustang driven by Joe Gauci……and of course to show case the Coxy Capri. Oh Yes! Oh Yes!

Lots of great new releases coming out on my Awesome sound label at the moment, Mat Playford is killing it right now and as well as his recently released KIC8462852 EP, coming very soon are his new EP Lucid Crossrhodes (31st May) and the Album Solar (July 5th)

I have loved smashing up my new remix of Dr Funk on bush records this month, see the links below to have a listen.

Its been a busy time for Intec too this month, with the release of the new Intec Pure 4 Album. You can hear mixes from myself and of course Jon Rundell, it features all of our favourite tracks we’ve been playing all over the world so was definitely a lot of fun to put together. Again check out the links below.
I’ve been slamming Saytek a lot at the moment, definitely someone to look out for, cant wait for the release of his new Album August 23rd.

A real honour to be asked to do a mix for DJ Pierres Phuture label a while back, pleased to say its now available on vinyl, digital version available 24th September

And finally my remix of “It is what it is ” on Jango music is out, played this in Miami and it tore the place up.


  Mat Playford’s ‘Kic 8462852 EP’ with Octave One remix (ASW)
Bandcamp  Spotify  Beatport
Intec Pure 4 Carl Cox and Jon Rundell mixes (Intec)
Dorroo – The Cave EP (Intec)
The Reactivitz  Dimension EP (Intec)
Listen now
Dr Funk Carl Cox and Joe Brunning remixes (Phuture 2000 Album) Bush records
Listen here

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Eoin Smyth

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